Chad Jarae

I'm a photographer, creative, thinker, director, obsessive researcher and ex-creative director. Photography is my creative outlet, an escape, a way of expressing a vision or evoking an emotion, it's been a common thread in my life since I was a little kid and it's just who I am.

Today I shoot and film for agencies, brands, really cool people and for myself. I love the mixing of creative minds, the hunt for emotion, the dance that happens when it is all comes together, pushing brands in new directions, seeing the passion art directors have for their vision and making it happen, the sound of the shutter, hi fives – well you get the point, I love being a photographer.

When I am not shooting, you will find me enjoying the outdoors, planning my next dream car project, consuming more mango habanero wings than any man should, reading magazines on a plane, spending time with friends and family, thinking, filling sketchbooks with ideas, asking why, killing it on xbox (gamer tag “chadastrophic” – hit me up), watching commercials, hunting for brand style guides (I'm a branding nerd), collecting advertisements from the 40's-70's, playing with my son and filling up my iPhone with pictures of him and life as it comes at me. 

So this is who I am, my work is what I have created, but the party has just begun!


For film work see Modest Giant


Somewhere in California, April 2014

Somewhere in California, April 2014